Wednesday, March 31, 2010


What is a "Wagga"? Sue-Anne has been telling me a little about Australian quilt styles. A Wagga is made from large rectangles or squares of wool cut from old suits and jackets which are sewn together and then tied. They were used by drovers a lot.

The quilt in the photo was made by someone in my extended family. It appears to have been cut from suit samples and wool, then stitched together by hand and tied. The seams are also feather stitched in a variety of colors. There is no batting and the backing is a green flannel. Unfortunately, I don't know anything more about it or who the maker was. It is the only quilt made by a family member that we know of.

So I'm wondering, is my quilt similiar to a Wagga? I'm afraid there are no drovers among us unless you count chasing in cows when they've broken through the fence! Did I mention that I grew up on a farm?

Picket Fence quilt update - I'm half done sewing it together and still hoping to finish piecing it by this weekend.


  1. Hi Mayleen. I think they are probably the same. Very utilitarian type quilts that were made for warmth, not for show. I will see if I can find a picture of one and email it to you. Your quilt is a lovely old quilt and extra special because it belongs to your family. I have enjoyed these discussions we have had.

  2. Mayleen - there was a quilt like yours in my family many years ago. It was actually on my bed from the time I was small until I left to go to college. It was identical to your description. It belonged to my mother's mother or grandmother and they were from farming country in Oklahoma (poor farming country).

    (And yes, the screened porch is my favorite place in the whole world. Forget travel, I just want to sit on my porch.)


  3. My grandmother made a utility quilt from pieces of wool suiting the week after my parent's married...and it included my Dad's wedding suit! (guess she wasn't all too happy about the marriage?!)