Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jubilee + 5 + 3

Jubilee + 5 + 3
UFO finish #7, finally!

Several years ago, some bloggers decided to make Jubilee quilts which commemorated their 50th birthdays. I joined in but my quilt needed to be called a Jubilee + 5 quilt.

Time went on and my quilt became a UFO until this year when it became UFO project #7.

 There were things to fix or not fix - the bird. He stayed.
Then I decided I definitely wanted it to have borders. Too bad I'd already started big stitch quilting it! That didn't stop me. I fused batting together, added more backing and stitched on the borders.

I added some embroidery and I may add more, or not. I do wish I'd made it larger.

My quilt is not as nice as some that were made but the best part? Its finished!
Jubilee + 5 + 3
Hand pieced, machine pieced, hand quilted, machine quilted and hand embroidered.
I'm done and moving on to UFO #8!

Until next time,

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Firecracker Baby

Yes, that's me, born on the 4th of July fifty-something years ago! 

Those are my brothers looking so happy to have a sister because, as they told me later, they would no longer have to wash dishes and help in the house once I was old enough to do those things. Somehow I must have sensed what my future held because you can see my reaction. LOL

I was hoping to finish the Jubilee+5 plus a few years quilt before my birthday but now I'm just hoping to finish it this month. Yesterday I did some big stitching on the border and my thumb, wrist and arm now hurt. Not sure how I did it but I've got to take a break.

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July wherever you are, whatever you're doing whether it includes fireworks, family reunions, quilting or its just another day!

Stay safe,