Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yesterday ...

But first ... !

My Love Entwined - I'm starting to applique the leaves on Part 4 and have the stems and some leaves done for Part 5. I really wanted to do Broderie Perse for the flowers and leaves but the fabric I purchased just didn't look right to me. Instead, I'm fussy cutting the flowers and leaves for the applique. Because I set my LE aside to work on Phebe, I'm at least 5 parts behind and still have pieces to finish for earlier parts.

Connor's Bungle Jungle quilt is finished and is on its way to him.

I quilted it with topstitching thread which gave it the effect I like. Unfortunately, there are a lot of not so straight quilting lines. My other learning moment - I should have used a polyester batting instead of the cotton batting. It was very evident after I took it out of the dryer that this quilt will never look this smooth again unless its ironed.

Other news - My Selvage Star of Bethlehem has gone to Jan, the machine quilter. The fabric I chose for the backing is the red and white leaf print in the picture below. I tried to straighten those pointy corners but decided to see what they look like once it's finished. Maybe (likely) I was just really tired the day I made that decision and decided not to mess with it!

Do any of you read the magazine, "Quilt Life"? I normally don't but was glancing through it at Barnes & Noble and was surprised to see the vintage inspiration quilt on P. 78 of the May, 2014 issue! I had been making my selvage version based on an internet picture so it was interesting to read more about the original quilt. 

OK, so yesterday ...

Can you guess?

Until next time,

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bungle Jungle & the Grands!

This week, I've been working on this Bungle Jungle quilt designed by Tim and Beck for this little guy -

Connor, our Florida grandson!

Introducing our newest grandchild -
Elizabeth Anne!

Her parents have requested a jungle theme quilt for her too and I've assured them I'll have it done before her high school graduation. Just kidding, it will be much sooner! I'll be using a Timeless Treasures panel and adding blocks and borders to it. That project is coming soon.

Until next time, Mayleen 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

4 Pointy Corners

I thought I'd finished my Selvage Star of Bethlehem quilt top but after I put it on the design wall to take a photo, I decided that no, its not finished. Look at those pointy corners!!! Aack. I really don't want to take those borders off but it looks like thats just what I'll be doing.

Edited to add: Some of you were concerned that I was going to take off and leave off the borders. After I do some careful measuring, I'm going to take off the narrow red border and try to fix the problem. I'm guessing I've stretched the bias edges of the diamond cornerstones. If that's the case, I'll press and trim the cornerstones and then sew the narrow red border back on. Those borders are definitely staying!

Tomorrow, I'm going to celebrate our sunny, warmer weather and and go shopping for the backing fabric. Once I redo those corners, this quilt top will be ready for the machine quilter and finally, after its bound and labelled, it will be one of my quilts in the Common Threads Quilt Show! Here's a link to information about the show:   

Until next time, Mayleen