Thursday, March 4, 2010

my "Gerry Made Me Do It!" project

I spent most of today sewing on a string project which I can't tell you about quite yet. One of Gerry's e-mails inspired me to start this project. She's been trying to guess what she wrote and what I'm making but so far, she hasn't.

I already know I'm going to be making it larger than I'd planned so it will probably turn out to be next week's string project. Its a little labor intensive but I'm really liking it! I am guessing that you will all think I'm a little crazy for making it too. Hmmm, maybe I am!

So check back Saturday for this week's string finish (have no idea what it will be yet!) but keep my "Gerry Made Me Do It!" project in mind for next week! I received a lovely card from Betty, Thank you so much! My thanks to several others of you who took time to send me some e-mail encouragement!


  1. You have got me guessing what you are making. Gerry does have a way to influence others. Will keep watching and waiting to see your project.

  2. I am really curious to see what you are making!

  3. Mayleen, what are you working on.
    Must I go thru my sent box - again ?
    Perhaps you're the one with the IMAGINATION.

    Hugs -

  4. I think Gerry has an influence on a lot of us. I went back and read her e-mail comments - and my guess has to do with 'hours/time' - like maybe hourglasses or something like that.


  5. Gerry is VERY inspiring. She has given me so many COLORFUL ideas, (in case you didn't know it besides loving bright colors, Gerry loves crayons, especially brand new ones!!!..........anyway from her vintage girls and another quilt she did, I started doing washable fabric story/coloring books, great fun. Also, I got to see first hand the goodie package that Betty won last night! Woohoo, girl what a WONDERFUL work you have done. Unfortunately Gerry wasn't at our quiltin' chicks meeting last night so we missed her, but she missed out on seeing your stuff. Hopefully we'll see her soon. She GREAT fun!