Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Picket Fence quilt

Today I was able to make the 49 light value diamonds I need for my next string quilt project, the full size "Picket Fence" quilt designed by Elsie M. Campbell. Its included in her book, String Quilts. You can see a partial photo of the quilt above plus a stack of strips I'll be using for the medium value diamonds. Only need 112 of them!

I like this quilt because of its 3-D look and because it kind of reminds me of a ripple afghan! I can't crochet anything more than a single chain so I have to live out my crochet dreams in a quilting project.

I'm not really a pastel or light value person so making those diamonds was a real challenge. Some look good to me, some look too sweet, too pastel or just too something but I'll wait till I lay the quilt out to see if I need to change anything. The color peach is especially a problem for me because it reminds me of baby aspirin, way too sweet, ick.

Tomorrow, I'll probably take my hand quilting project to quilt bee so I highly doubt I'll get those 112 medium value diamonds finished as soon as I'd like but you never know with me. See you Friday!


  1. Keep at it. I have to say that I never thought about the color peach in quite that way. Orange is the color I do not care for. Anything orange goes to the bottom of the stack (and usually stays there). Now I'll never be able to work with peach without thinking about baby aspirins. Thanks LOL

  2. Hello Mayleen,
    Please stop by my blog and accept The Sunshine Blog Award. Thanks for sharing your work.
    Always, Jackie.