Friday, July 10, 2020

Wish Upon a Feathered Star, with borders

My Wish Upon a Feathered Star wall hanging top is finally done! Borders were an issue for me and I couldn't find a border design I really liked but I've told myself that finished is better than a top partially done. It measures approximately 43 1/2" square and when its quilted will hang over our fireplace. It was begun in a Prairie Quilt Guild workshop taught by Peggy Martin. Now to figure out if I should quilt it myself or call my machine quilter.
These are a few photos of my flower gardens. The area I live in is officially in a drought but yesterday we got some rain and this morning again. Not enough to end the drought but I'm grateful for every drop of rain. These photos were taken before the rain and I think the flowers look this good due to me watering them every day. Above: Phlox, Sunflowers, and Daylilies. There are a few Zinnia growing in that area too but not many came up this year.
Anise Hyssop which smells wonderful whenever I brush against it.
Russian Sage, find the bee! I'm trying to attract more beneficial insects to my flowers.

Below: My husband and I visited Dyck Arboretum in Hesston, KS last week and I thought I'd share this photo of a sign with you. I doubt that I ever become a Minimalist but we are trying to downsize. One of our spare bedrooms has become a catchall room for everything we are no longer using or don't know where to put. There always seems to be more stuff. Guess where I'll be tomorrow morning getting ready to make donations? That definitely beats digging up Bermuda grass which it will be too muddy to do!

Have a great week! Mayleen

Monday, June 29, 2020

Not much quilting going on because I'm outside trying to keep the flowers blooming and alive! July's heat is just around the corner. In fact, triple digit heat will arrive tomorrow.

Until next time, Mayleen

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Cutting and more cutting!

I've cut out 110 blocks for my grandson's "I Spy" quilt and some of the blue snowball block corners. I need 130 blocks for a twin size quilt and 520 blue squares. Unfortunately, I'm out of some fabrics and am now on the hunt for fabrics like Spiderman, Scooby Doo, and Buzz Lightyear. Ordering online means buying a minimum order, usually 1 yard but I only need a 6 1/2" square. JoAnn's was seriously low on Juvenile prints and I'll be making a trip to Hobby Lobby next week.

Several years ago, I made four of the twin bed size "I Spy" quilts for our grandchildren at that time. Here's a photo of one before it was edge to edge quilted. Making four at one time just about did me in!

Until next time, Mayleen

Friday, June 12, 2020

Wish Upon a Feathered Star

Have you noticed there are never instructions for new software, computers, etc? I guess you're supposed to know what to do or figure it out yourself. I'm a Luddite and haven't a clue about this new Blogger format. If anyone reads this, it means I've somehow muddled through writing a blog post!

This week I gave up on the sashing idea and sewed together the four Feathered Star blocks but I'm still stuck on that dark Mad Plaid for the border! I think I'll cut it to finish at 3" wide, sew it on, and call it good. If I absolutely hate it, I can always take it off and try another fabric. One thing the pandemic is teaching me is not to be so hard on myself.

I bought this Hexie Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top in an antique mall last weekend. I don't have room in my sewing room to get a full photo of it. Its hand pieced and looks to be in good condition except for a lingering smell of what I don't know. It was priced at $20 and even though these are not my colors, I couldn't leave it there.
I doubt I will ever take the time to make one of these for myself so to whoever pieced it, thank you! The problem is now how to quilt it or have it quilted?

Until next time, Mayleen  

Saturday, June 6, 2020

No motivation

Not much stitching, just a little cutting going on in the sewing room. Instead I'll post a few photos of my flower gardens instead. Its so hot and dry here and I hope the flowers survive!
 $4 yard art
 Old Fashioned climbing rose, possibly Seven Sisters, transplanted from my parents' farm. These blooms are the prettiest!
 Painted vintage bicycle gears and a wagon from my childhood.
 An old cast iron kettle repurposed as a planter setting on top of my parents' cream can.
 The only poppy which came up this year had 5 blooms! The seeds were from my aunt.
Peddler's cart built using old wheels and scrap lumber by my husband and painted in hopes of making it look old by me.

Until next time, Mayleen

Friday, May 29, 2020

Feathered Star update

I finally finished piecing the last feathered star block only to realize I don't like those two bottom light blue tips. I should have seen it before I pieced it but I didn't. I am so done with this project that I'm even considering coloring in the light blue flowers with a fabric marker. Instead after I've decided I can and will do it, I'll probably rip out the two tips and replace them. I don't like redoing anything.

The next challenge is finding sashing, cornerstone, and border fabrics which don't compete with the feathered stars. I doubt I have enough of anything in my stash but I'll spend some time next week looking through my Kaffe Fasset tubs of fabric.

This was part of my flower garden after the rain earlier this week. Next week we are expecting high temperatures to reach into the low 90's. It won't look so lush and pretty then! The weeds are already growing and I'm pulling what I can daily.

I'm not looking forward to next week's heat but I am looking forward to having my first hair appointment in three months! My hair currently reminds me of the shag style I wore in high school.

Have a great weekend! I'll be working on a landscape project.

Friday, May 22, 2020

"Interesting Improv" is finished ... well, except for the label and hanging sleeve. Its not as improv as some quilts can be but it was a struggle for me to get it to look like this. The reason for the name is not that I thought it was that interesting but it came from my husband. While I was piecing it, I asked him what he thought of it and "Interesting" was his response. He probably was thinking why, just why!?! Why? Because I wanted to try it.
I'm currently working on the last Feathered Star block for this wall hanging. It was begun in a workshop with Peggy Martin when she visited Prairie Quilt Guild in Wichita. I thought the back plaid fabric might be the border but I was wrong, way too black. 

I've also been spending time working outside. Sharing some of the flowers in our yard. 





Guess who found the cat mint and won't share?

Have a wonderful weekend! 
Our garage cleaning project continues because its too muddy to work in the yard. This time I have to clean off the shelves in my corner of the garage, eeek. :)