Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jubilee + 5 + 3

Jubilee + 5 + 3
UFO finish #7, finally!

Several years ago, some bloggers decided to make Jubilee quilts which commemorated their 50th birthdays. I joined in but my quilt needed to be called a Jubilee + 5 quilt.

Time went on and my quilt became a UFO until this year when it became UFO project #7.

 There were things to fix or not fix - the bird. He stayed.
Then I decided I definitely wanted it to have borders. Too bad I'd already started big stitch quilting it! That didn't stop me. I fused batting together, added more backing and stitched on the borders.

I added some embroidery and I may add more, or not. I do wish I'd made it larger.

My quilt is not as nice as some that were made but the best part? Its finished!
Jubilee + 5 + 3
Hand pieced, machine pieced, hand quilted, machine quilted and hand embroidered.
I'm done and moving on to UFO #8!

Until next time,

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Firecracker Baby

Yes, that's me, born on the 4th of July fifty-something years ago! 

Those are my brothers looking so happy to have a sister because, as they told me later, they would no longer have to wash dishes and help in the house once I was old enough to do those things. Somehow I must have sensed what my future held because you can see my reaction. LOL

I was hoping to finish the Jubilee+5 plus a few years quilt before my birthday but now I'm just hoping to finish it this month. Yesterday I did some big stitching on the border and my thumb, wrist and arm now hurt. Not sure how I did it but I've got to take a break.

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July wherever you are, whatever you're doing whether it includes fireworks, family reunions, quilting or its just another day!

Stay safe,

Saturday, June 27, 2015

This Week & Last Week

 Here's what I've been working on this week - my Jubilee+5 plus a few more years UFO! I've big stitched all the octagon blocks with orange perle cotton and done some embroidery. Now I'm trying to decide what to do for the narrow border. I hope to finish this in time to show at our next guild meeting. Yes, the bird is still there!

While I've been working on this, I've been thinking of the quilts at last weekend's Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. Previously I showed you photos of my two quilts which won ribbons. Here are photos of other the judged winners. My apologies if I missed anyone.

 Heralds of Spring by Joann Webb

Cats!! Just Garden Variety by Jane Anderson

Civil War Bride by Nancy Swanwick

A Letter Bit of Baltimore by Janet Stone
She also received an NQA Award of Merit!

Baltimore Album by Miriam Reed

Celebration of Love and Life by Kim Cawthon

Radiating Millefiori by Nancy Swanwick

Modern Grandmothers Flower Garden by Norma Bates
Rebirth by Mary Atchinson

 Finding Peace Among the Trees by Mary Strege

Remake by Jane Anderson

 Sixteen Years and Here's What You Get by Susan Gandy

Waterfall by Sandra Morgan Cockrum

 A Little Off Balance by Sandra Morgan Cockrum
 C'mon Get Happy by Jenifer Dick

 Passionate Rhapsody by Cindi Johnson

Affair of the Heart by Kathleen Gregory

No L by Janet Stone

Hexie Love by Kay Lea

Afternoon Delight by Judy R. Williams

Until next time,

Monday, June 22, 2015

Phebe has done it again!

"The Cotheals at Home" (Phebe) won Best of Show at the first ever Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival held in Overland Park, Kansas this past weekend!

I don't live in the Kansas City area and don't belong to any of the guilds which organized the show. However, anyone was allowed to enter a quilt in the Judged Quilts section and I'm glad I did!

Here I am at the Award Ceremony with show sponsor Myron Shwery from the Windmill Sewing Center who presented me with my prize, a special edition Bernina 350 sewing machine.

I've sewn on my Pfaff Synchromatic 1215 for about 33 years so it seems like an old friend. Now I'll need to learn the Bernina way of doing things. I plan to finish the projects I'm working on now with my Pfaff and eventually switch to the Bernina. I'll keep the Pfaff as a backup machine.

When I got to the show, I was surprised to see that I had a second win. My "Selvage Star of Bethlehem" won first place in the Pieced category!

Julie Gier, a fellow guild member, entered her quilt "Just Around the Corner" in the show. We were the only two Prairie Quilt Guild members to enter quilts in the KCRQF. If they allow non local guild members to enter judged quilts in their show in 2017, I think there will be a few more!

"Remake" by Jane Anderson, First place Mixed Technique
My favorite quilt in the show (other than mine lol), I just kept coming back to it!

A UFO finish before my next guild meeting is looking doubtful. My life has been a bit busy lately and I'm not making the progress I'd like. However if nothing unexpected comes up in the next 3 weeks and I don't get distracted, I just might be able to finish my Jubilee+5 (a few years late) quilt!

Until next time,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy 33rd Birthday PQG!

Yesterday was Prairie Quilt Guild's 33rd. birthday! You might remember that I'm serving as guild president this year. We're a large group with nearly 700 members.

 There was a little craziness. Yes, I wore it. Thankfully, I don't think there are pictures.

Our Birthday Block giveaway - I won 36 blocks! This is the loot that came along with my blocks. I wore the tiara for part of the meeting. Those buttons on the left are actually rings which were decorations on the birthday cupcakes we ate during break. Delicious but wow, did the frosting ever send me on a sugar high!

Here's my stack of spool Birthday Blocks. I'm not sure how I'll put them together yet.

My June UFO finish - "Geese in my Pineapple Patch"

I cringe when I see my straight binding, definitely prefer bias binding. This will probably be used as a table topper so I'm not too concerned about everything being just so.

I know this isn't a pineapple block but the small group I attended years ago when this project was begun, couldn't decide if it was a pineapple block or something to do with flying geese. So, to keep everyone happy, I named it "Geese in my Pineapple Patch"!

This past month has been stressful for me so I took time off from writing on this blog. Whenever I'm stressed out, I begin a new project and even though I hadn't planned to start anything new until I'd finished more of my UFO's, I started what I'm calling my "Presidential Stress Reliever" project. I'll be blogging more about it in the future plus I still plan to finish a UFO each month. July's UFO finish will, hopefully, be my own Jubilee+5 birthday (a few years late) project!

Until next time,

Friday, May 15, 2015

Spools, Geese & Pineapple Patches

First of all, "Thank you!" to everyone who commented about my recent Paducah win! For some reason, I'm not able to "Publish" some of the comments but please know that I appreciate all of them and will reply as soon as I can. My week has been busy and tiring and the plans I had to get a lot done, didn't happen.

For not having much time, I made time to work on a few projects yesterday.

Our quilt guild's Birthday Block this year is a spool block. Yesterday, I decided to make a few to add to the drawing using some "selvage" fabric I purchased in Paducah. This is my favorite of the three I've made so far.

Every year, one of our guild members designs or selects a block pattern for our Birthday Block. Guild members make blocks which are then collected and sorted for a drawing in June. For each block you make, you get one chance to win enough blocks to make a wall hanging or quilt. I've never won any blocks in previous years which is fine because I have plenty of projects to work on!

Speaking of projects, this is the current UFO I'm working on. I've just finished picking out the terrible hand quilting job I did years ago and now plan to stitch in a ditch using my machine. My dilemma: what color thread to use? There are too many seams for me to do a good job hand quilting.

Can anyone tell me which Log Cabin variation this is? I remember naming it "Geese in my Pineapple Patch" because my small group could not agree on the pattern name.

Until next time,

Monday, May 11, 2015

Catch Up

Its been over a month since I posted, time to catch up.
My first visit to Quilt Week in Paducah!

My Phebe quilt, "The Cotheals at Home", won Honorable Mention in the First Time Paducah entry, Bed Quilts Longarm Quilted. This is what I look like after only 4 hours of sleep.

I had lunch with another quilter, Mona, who I met at Houston last fall and this is her quilt in the show, "Sunset over Lac Clara"! Nice to see you again, Mona!

Did you know I'm a calendar girl? Well, actually my "Selvage Star of Bethlehem" quilt is pictured in the 2016 Quilt Art Engagement Calendar! Here I am (in pink) at the calendar signing party on the first evening we were in Paducah. I must have had some coffee by then because I'm looking more awake.

Here it is, the very last quilt in the book! Lots more happened in Paducah - quilts, shopping, eating plus a few interesting experiences with our bus tour. I don't know that anyone from Paducah, KY reads my blog but "Thank You!" for being friendly and offering help when we needed it!

 Back home again, I needed a UFO finish for May so here it is, quilted by another guild member, Susan McMillan. I'm fairly sure that while I was working on it, I had a brown cloud hanging over me. I initially named it "Serengetti Oaks" because the border fabric reminded me of zebras and an African safari. I'm thinking of renaming it ...

"Second Spring" from a quote by Albert Camus.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." 
Albert Camus

Until next time,