Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Sunshine Blog Award

Thank you, Jackie at Scattered Threads for giving me "The Sunshine Blog Award"! I have never thought of myself as a sunshiny type person but so far, I am enjoying the blogging experience. Now Jackie I think of as being sunshiny, sweet and so kind!

I don't know what the first quilting blog I read was but the reason I began blogging was to document my string project finishes for Loft Creations' string challenge. I thought I might post once a week or so. That was just back in January and I've already "met" many of you and am developing friendships.

There are so many blogs to read and really almost all of them have inspired me in some way. If you comment on my blog and have one yourself, I usually follow the trail back to yours and read a few of your posts. You all inspire me and I enjoy reading about what you're doing.

So thank you to anyone who gives my blog an award but from now on, I'd like to make my blog an award free blog. The greatest compliment you could give my blog would be to read it regularly, make a comment now and then and if you'd like, become a follower!

1 comment:

  1. You are welcome dear and no prob on the award free dealy. You just do as you like.