Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Fabric Gift Bags

Finally, a little stitching for Christmas! This year I made fabric gift bags to hold our presents to our grandchildren. Sewing with Dr. Seuss, the Minions, Sesame Street and animal blocks fabric was a fun change for me. The bags are lined to make them a little more durable and are a little on the large side to make it easier to carry all their things home. A Grandma can hope, right?
More stitching, baking, and decorating to come!
Until next time, Mayleen

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Is it really December?

 My Christmas Cactus is blooming, probably its most impressive set of blooms since I received it from my mother several years ago! It was her plant so I don't know how old it is.

I'm doing a little Christmas baking. This recipe, Oma's Soft Cream Cookies, can be found at the blog: Mennonite Girls Can Cook. The recipe is similar to the one my grandmother made when I was growing up. These are nearly all gone as I took some to share at my guild's Christmas meeting yesterday.

I'm finding it hard to believe Christmas is just a few weeks away. Our high temperatures have been in the upper 60's lately. Very enjoyable for me (and the cats) but very unlike weather one would expect in December! Not complaining though, the cold temperatures are sure to come soon.

Another reason its so difficult to think of Christmas is our home reno projects. During Thanksgiving week, we stripped wallpaper, primed and painted and now we're having most of the windows in our house replaced. This required a little preparation and I was faced with clearing a path from the door of my sewing room to the window!

Maybe I will put up a few decorations after this week and bake some peppernuts too. And maybe I will even get to work on a quilting project again! Guess which room had its window replaced, curtains washed and put back to "normal" first? Priorities.

Until next time, Mayleen