Saturday, April 3, 2010

30 Years on the Fence

I finished piecing my Picket Fence quilt yesterday! I'm calling it "30 Years on the Fence" because it has fabrics in it from the past thirty years. Some are from dresses I made my daughter so they hold special meaning to us.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a photo of the whole quilt. When its machine quilted and bound, I'll be able to hang it and stand back to take a photo but this time it had to lay on the floor. It turned out larger than the queen size I was expecting and pretty much filled up the living room floor space. Today I plan to piece the backing and hope to get the quilt to the machine quilter next week!

This is an angle view of it that makes me think of steps! I discovered when going through my fabric that I am in a fabric buying rut. Most of the fabric I buy is floral and a lot of it is sunflower fabric probably from my crafting days. Maybe since my gardening skills are limited, I'm living out my flower fantasy with fabric!

I'm sad to say that I could probably make several more of these quilts before I even put a dent into my fabric stash. I would be low on lighter values but I have plenty of medium value fabric so I see more scrap projects in my future.

My husband says looking at the quilt for too long hurts his eyes. Here's what Charlie, our cat, thought of it all. This will clearly not be one of his favorite quilts.

Besides piecing the backing today, I plan to cook and clean in preparation for Easter dinner tomorrow. While I still appreciate the Easter candy and finery, all of the best chocolate and new clothing in the world are not even a drop in the bucket compared to what Christ did for us all those years ago.

My Easter wish for you - Have a very blessed and meaningful Easter!


  1. Very graphic.
    Crisp,clean, distinct lines.
    Love it, MYLEEN
    Hugs, !♥♥!

  2. Thanks for including a quilt from my String Quilts book in your blog. I really love seeing what others are doing with my designs.

  3. Mayleen - It is beautiful. You really, really did a super job of piecing this quilt.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!


  4. Your Picket Fence is certainly a WOW. It looks very difficult.
    I have been preparing for Easer dinner all day. I have family coming in afer church services.

  5. Wow!, fabulous. What a wonderful memory quilt.

  6. Fantastic your quilt. I love your blog too. Hugs from Brazil

  7. I like your quilt top. It has a very dimensional look. And so scrappy!

  8. This is absolutely beautiful. Gosh - another one to add to the list

  9. very stricking!! another book to purchase and another quilt to add to my to-do list - thanks for the beautiful eye candy

  10. I have been making string quilts for years, and always enjoy looking at others. That is the most fabulous I have ever seen! Just gorgeous!

  11. GREAT string quilt which really has a 3D look to it :)

  12. Outstanding!!! I'm slobbering with appreciation! 8-)))

  13. WOW what a magnificent quilt in all my years of quilting I have to say this one boggles my mind. I have sat for ages staring at the photos and am in ore of how the quilt has gone together it is certainly a work of art. Well done you should be very proud.
    (((HUGS))) Roslyn

  14. Love it! is it your own design and/or is there a pattern available? I have so many scraps I'd love to try it!

  15. I am FINALLY - six years after you! - getting around to assembling my Picket Fence. I'm so glad you posted these pictures because... I see have already put my columns together WRONG! Even though you told me that the book had an error, and I'd noted it, I assembled them laying the wrong way. All my lights are horizontal; they should be vertical. Argh! Can you guess what I'll be doing over the next few days?