Saturday, March 6, 2010

String Goofy Bag finish

Here's my latest string finish - a goofy bag! Why its called a goofy bag, I have no idea but I plan to use mine to carry cosmetics or medications when I travel. I used a tutorial on Thimbleanna's blog to make it.

My photo of the top of the goofy bag did not turn out very well but I'm sure you can picture this in your mind as most cosmetic bags are made like this. It zips open on top and is fully lined.

For some reason, I struggled a little with this project. Maybe its because my computer is in one room and my sewing machine is in another. To proceed with the tutorial, I had to go back and forth between the computer and sewing machine. Inconvenient but I burned a few calories that way! Or maybe its because I didn't have a zipper and had to make a quick trip to JoAnns in the middle of making it.

The bottom photo shows how I almost got the rick rack to match! I can tell you that has never happened before. Of course, it only matches on the one side. The other side has a "whatever happens" approach!


  1. Your bag looks great. It looks like a decent size too for bottles of shampoo etc. Congratulations on the ric rac. I never get it right either.

  2. Congratulations on another terrific finish. I'm a big fan of rick rack! I have the same problem with the upstairs/downstairs tutorial thing. Would be nice to have a computer in my sewing room.

  3. I like your bag. The rick rack is a nice touch. What will you make next?

  4. You did it again. I want to make a goofy bag so I can be goofy like my friend Mayleen.


  5. I just found your blog through our Small Quilt yahoo group. I love this bag. I have been telling myself I need to replace my cosmetic bag too so perhaps I will make one also. So thanks for giving the link to the directions also. Did you line with fabric or plastic? That's what been holding me back from making a new cosmetic bag - I want it to be more waterproof. (spilled shampoo comes to mind...) Thanks for sharing -- Bonnie in the Poconos.

  6. Oh I do love the colours you use. Can I borrow your stash? Think I might add this to the long list of 'To Make'. Thanks for sharing.