Friday, March 19, 2010

Parade of Quilts

I like a good parade! So today a friend and I drove to Yoder, Kansas to see "The Parade of Quilts". The quilts were hung in several businesses and some were very nicely staged. Here are just two of the quilts I really liked. They are both hand quilted and the lower one won "Best of Show" and had already sold! I was hoping you would be able to see each quilt's information on the show label but I'm not sure you'll be able to. Hope you enjoy the quilts!

This quilt wasn't part of the parade but it made me laugh with its wisdom about chocolate!

I'm sitting here listening to the wind and rain hit the window. A winter storm warning is forecast for our area tonight and tomorrow. Sometimes the weather man gets it right and sometimes he doesn't. I'm really hoping he is wrong and we won't get the snow that's been predicted. My plans for tomorrow - stay home, stay warm, make a pot of soup and a loaf of bread and sew!


  1. Enjoyed seeing the quilts. Your Saturday plans sound good to me. Enjoy

  2. Great quilts, thanks for sharing. That pot of soup sounds yummy!

  3. Soup, bread and sewing sound like the perfect way to enjoy the wind and snow that we are getting here in the Texas Panhandle. Hope you are not getting the is really drifting the snow.

  4. What a fun parade. Loved seeing the quilts. What kind of soup did you make. My favorite - I don't know, I just love soups.