Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marie knows Roy!

Marie knows Roy and I suspect others of you know too!

Roy G Biv is an easy way to remember the color wheel. Look at a rainbow and you will also see the color wheel. Have you noticed the colors are always in the same position?

Y= Yellow



When I laid out the strips for my Picket Fence quilt, I arranged them as much as possible in Roy G Biv order and tried to choose strips from most colors to include in each diamond. This kept me from having too much of one color in the blocks. I would surely have focused in on red if I hadn't done that.

I make a lot of decisions based on color. How many of you cook by color? I usually decide which vegetable to make based on what color the main dish is. Confession - I even eat M&Ms in order of the color wheel. Did you know they don't put equal amounts of each color of M&Ms in the package?!?

Well, I'm sure you are seriously wondering about me by now so I'm not going to tell you how I make M&M cookies! Anyone else maybe just a little under the influence of color?


  1. DO YOU THROW OUT THE BLUE ONES..................? I DO!
    just not right eating blue food! lol! Cyndi

  2. That's pretty cool Mayleen. Now I'm smart. My plate isn't as colorful and exciting. Think I'm suppose to eat only green; and no M&Ms. What a bummer for me.

  3. Wow - I did it! Thanks. (I didn't get indigo though to be fair - I was stuck on ice for some reasone.)

    Sometimes we sit down to eat and find out that everything on the table is the same color - yuck, boring!