Wednesday, March 10, 2010

As crazy as you think!

Hmm, some of you are really wondering about my Gerry inspired project! In fact, Gerry wanted to know if its as big as Kansas? That reminded me of our "new" state tourism slogan: "Kansas - as big as you think!" So, I guess my project is as big as you think.

Kansas is 82,282 square miles. Instead, I encourage you to not think too big, maybe of something less than a yard square. You should know that I like detail work and ... well, that's enough hints for tonight.

Yesterday I entered it and my crazy quilt in the Prairie Quilt Guild's quilt show coming up in June. Even with the project being only partially finished, quilters who saw it either A. Thought I was crazy or B. Loved it!

It will be OK if you think I'm crazy too because when its done, it will be all mine, mine, mine! Interesting how we tend to identify with some of our projects more so than others. Some I am relieved to have finished, some are long term WIPs and some make me feel happy inside!

P.S. - Most people think Kansas is flat. Did you know that Kansas has a mountain? Yep, Mt. Sunflower - 4,039 feet. Wish I could show you a photo but unfortunately don't have one. Till Friday then!


  1. What a tease! There are still no photos!!!

  2. I agree with Sue-Anne - you are really dragging out the suspense. We could use a few more hints or photos. Love the trivia about Kansas (and no, I did not say that Kansas was trivial).


  3. As you may have guessed, I am in complete agreement with Sue-Anne and Marie.

    We Want To Have A Peek!

    [Love purple, triple chocolate M&Ms]


  4. Maybe it is a Kansas sunflower using mostly yellow/gold strips...