Monday, March 15, 2010

A learning experience begins

Today I've been cutting strings in various widths 1 1/2 - 3 inches for my next string project. I've learned that I have mostly medium value fabric and hardly any light value fabric. I haven't gotten to cut much from my darks yet so that bin is looking a little low too.

Its been a lot harder than I thought to sort the strings by value. Some fabrics look light to me but when placed next to another fabric are actually a medium value. I've moved some strings from one box to the next and back again several times now.

I have a lot to learn about color so this project will be a real learning experience!


  1. I've never looked at a quilting blog. Yours is fabulous. Do you know that there is a block called Mount Sunflower? I found the design from a 1970s PQG newsletter when I was going through quilting stuff with my Mother. She had saved it so we went together to pick out the fabric. I appliqued it last year but haven't set it together. Maybe next year. Happy Quilting. Linda Laird

  2. Value, that IS the lesson, isn't it.

    To sort to to establish a line between medium & light or medium & dark is the lesson.

    If you were to sort just your dark from light to dark would give you another set of values, but still:
    1. Light
    2. Medium
    3. DarK


  3. Mayleen

    I just learned a new organizational tip. I love the 'strip bins' for sorting and keeping straight - beats my current method (but almost anything would.


  4. Colour value is interesting isn't it. All depends on what you put with a piece as to what colour value it can be.