Friday, February 26, 2010

String Finish afterall!

Here's my string cell phone holder!

Something's bugging me though! What do you think of that bottom string? I may leave it and I may applique another string over it but for now, it's done!

I'm heading out of town this weekend. I'm going somewhere its going to be a high of 33 degrees. Here at home its supposed to be a high of almost 50. Life isn't fair, is it?


  1. Are you concerned that the bottom string is of a lighter value than the others?
    Perhaps it is a good place for a little embroidery. Or applique

    What is the blue and white crocheted item?????


  2. Terrific! Perfect to grab and go.

  3. That's a great little purse. I think you will get lots of use out of it.

  4. The giveaway has arrived. I love all of it, including the chocolate. Will post pictures on my blog in a few day. I just got home from a three day sewing retreat. I need to unpack etc. THANK YOU so very much. Everything is wonderful. BTW your phone case looks great.