Friday, February 12, 2010

Log Cabin doll quilt

I'm in between small string quilt projects right now. Still have the Chocolate Box quilt and the Candy Sticks blocks to work on though!

I thought I'd show you one of the log cabin doll quilts I recently made. Its pieced entirely from Jo Morton fabrics and is hand quilted in the ditch. This was part of a challenge from the Small Quilt Talk group. Kathleen Tracy has written several books about doll quilts and the challenge was to make one of the designs from her book, "Prairie Children and Their Quilts".

Here's my version of the log cabin doll quilt in her book:

I won't be at the computer most of the weekend but next week, expect some progress on the string quilts from me! Be sure to hold me accountable on that, OK?!?


  1. Love that quilt. The colours are gorgeous!

  2. Small quilt turned out beautiful. Perfect color choice for that period.