Monday, February 8, 2010

Threadcount Week 3 - 0 (!)

I pieced, I sewed but I didn't use up any spools of thread from the tub! It looks like it may be a repeat this week. Too many commitments in the next few days for me to make much progress on my string projects.

I thought by now I would be starting to machine quilt the Chocolate Box string quilt but realistically, I might get it sandwiched this week or I might not. Since I have a goal of finishing at least one string project each week of the challenge, I'll be making another small project this week. Pictures coming soon! Hope to work on it tomorrow before my quilt guild meeting.

Have you ever made a quilt because it just wouldn't let you alone until you made it?!? This afternoon, I had about an hour and a half to sew and even though I knew better, I gave in. I started two new projects, one throw for me and one throw to donate.

I"m going to make the two throws using these block designs. I first saw the "Candy Stick" block on Lori's blog, Humble Quilts. It has been lurking in the cobwebs of my brain for several months now. I plan to alternate the "Candy Stick" block with a string block like she did.

The block was designed by Karen Griska and published on the Empire Quilters Guild Blog but is no longer available there. According to the website, the pattern will be included in a spring Quiltmaker issue.

So now I've got a piecing project, a machine quilting project and a string project to work on! Not to mention the hand quilting and embroidery projects and the numerous Works In Progress. At least I'll have something to keep me busy during these long winter days.

By the way, we got two inches of snow at our house today but we actually saw the sun before it set tonight and that was a definite mood lifter!

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  1. You don't happen to have any white thread do you? :) I am always out of white sewing thread. Love the new blocks.