Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Easy String Project

Since my week has been a little stressful and busy, I chose another easy string project to fulfill my goal of one string project finish a week. Here are 3 Facial Tissue Pack Holders made the string project way!

I made these using the "Share the Love" tutorial and found the instructions very easy to follow.

This was a project I never thought I'd make. I'm really a "Less is More" kind of a person and thought tissue holders were kind of cutesy and unnecessary. Perhaps you're wondering what changed my mind?

I should start off by saying that since I'm getting more "mature" every year, I've noticed my hearing becoming more sensitive to noises around me. Apparently, I am easily distracted! When I'm sitting in church or really in any gathering of people, I can pick up candy wrappers crackling, gum being chewed, tissue packets being opened, etc. And no, I'm not sitting in the children's section but you might be surprised whats happening over in the senior section!

I know some of my own little habits must be distracting to others and annoying too. For instance, I tend to brace my foot against the chair ahead of me. Someone once did the same to me and tapped their foot against my chair's seat for awhile. Very special, maybe they were trying to make sure I stayed awake! Or they were trying to make a point?

So since I don't want to be a rattler, a scruncher or a tapper I decided to make the tissue packs. In other words, I just want it to be a little less obvious when I get out a tissue in public!

PS - Please don't worry about making a little noise if you sit near me. Just make sure you bring enough candy to share!

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  1. Oh Mayleen, your are too funny. My checklist for church include Bible, tissue, peppermint, small quilt (it's cold where I sit, winter and summer) and water.