Monday, February 1, 2010

Threadcount Week 2 - 1 1/2 spools

One and a half more spools out of my thread tub! I've been using my old thread to sew strings down on the muslin. I started with the red thread and am now trying to make a dent in a sea of pink spools.

I've been so proud (in a good way, ha) of myself for using up some of my older thread and fabric! Unfortunately, today, because I'd used it all up, I had to go buy red thread to stitch on the string apron. There was just no way I could use any color of thread I had in the tub. Since I won't use all of the red thread, I guess my one new spool cancels out the spool I used up last week. Anybody else ever try to use up something but end up buying more new? At least the new thread is a lot prettier to look at than the old thread!

Project update: The string apron is coming along very nicely and should be finished tomorrow. I still have the Chocolate Box quilt to finish, hopefully, before I start a new project. And, yes, there's already one perking in my brain. Don't get too excited though. This is something small I thought I'd never bother to make but is looking better all the time!


Lace hearts said...

I end up buying all the time to replace, in a similar way that you had to. Sometimes, only one colour will do! Thank you for leaving a comment on my string post. I'm hoping to make a quilt, but I keep getting caught up in the excitement of all the small things that they are so perfect for. And then I give blocks away, and I end up with very little... so the stringing is really a work in progress!

Marie said...

I am trying to use up my odds and ends of fabric in the no strings attached challenge - yesterday I needed a small piece of black and discovered I had used every scrap I had. So now it's off to buy more black. The best laid plans. . .