Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Purple Pumpkin Berries?

Stitched in Time, continued: "Know When Enough is Enough" & "Forgive Yourself!"

This pumpkin table topper contains one of my most embarrassing quilting revelations but it is also a beautiful example of machine quilting and a fix that saved the day!

How many of you have ever seen berries on a pumpkin vine?

This project was one of the first times I'd appliqued anything and I think I did a fairly good job on the pumpkins. I wanted all the vines to be alike so I carefully starched and steamed them into shape. Then I pinned them on to the quilt top and gave them a few extra bursts of steam from the iron. I told myself, just one more burst of steam should do it.

When I tried to pick up my iron off the quilt top, it was stuck to the pin heads and the pin heads were stuck to the quilt top! I had melted the plastic pin heads to the quilt with all that heat and steam from the iron. I was so angry with myself and couldn't believe I had done something like that! (Yes, I know I should be using glass head pins.)

I was able to scratch most of the melted plastic off the quilt and clean up the iron but there was still some hard residue left on the quilt. I knew I'd just ruined it. Thats when I thought about adding the berries to hide the damage I'd done.

So while those berries add interest to the table topper and some people think they are even part of the design, they are actually there to hide an ugly mistake! God is teaching me that I need to know when enough is enough and that if I let Him, He can take my mistakes and make something beautiful out of them.

I like to put this table topper on an old dresser I have in our front hallway. I usually set a dark brown small crock filled with twigs, berries and leaves in the center.

The name of the pattern is Pumpkin Crazy and is in Need'l Love's book, "Falloween Threads".

This is the back side of the table topper and I'm showing it to you so you can see the beautiful work the machine quilter did! Click on the photo for a better look. This is one of my favorite quilts because of the work she did and yes, because of the lesson of the purple pumpkin berries!


  1. Great Save, Mayleen.

    Love your finished project.

    hugs & ♥♥s,

  2. Good on you for coming up with a great idea to fix the quilt. I would definately assume it is part of the design.

  3. Mayleen - I love the berries with the pumpkins and wouldn't have known it was to cover a mistake if you hadn't told us. It is just lovely.

    We wouldn't be human if we didn't make a mistake every now and then.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. Well, they might LOOK like berries, but in my opinion they are just fall flare... The dust of harvest fairies... The reminder of bountiful things to be thankful for, like ripe fruits and veggies. :o) A great save on a possible quilt trashing mistake! Super job!

  5. gosh, that was really good of you to share your mistake and how you rectified it. I loved what you said about how God helped you. Lovely way to look at it. The table topper is gorgeous.

  6. Love your pumpkins and the embellishment. Great save