Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday ... Monday, Monday!

Welcome to everyone who's visiting me from the Selvage Blog! I noticed the photo on Karen's site looks a little fuzzy so if you'd like a better look, please click here. If you then click on the photo, you can see the "Little Red Zinger" up close and personal!

I wanted to make Karen's "Red Zinger" but knew I didn't have enough selvages and I really wanted something smaller for the wall space I have. So I settled on a 3 1/2 inch finished block which makes it about 28 inches square. I'm entering it in Wichita's Prairie Quilt Guild's quilt show coming up in June. If you're in the area, please look for it at the show.

I'm collecting selvages for a spiderweb selvage quilt and hope to begin it in July!


  1. It's a darling quilt! And inspirational to see what's possible when a design is scaled-down. Great work. Nice to see this sort of stuff coming from the Midwest. We rock! (GRIN) Linda, in Iowa

  2. Your quilt is so fun, I'd be happy to send my selvages to you, let me know where to send them!