Friday, May 7, 2010

My first Flimsy Friday

Here's my first Friday Flimsy - a pieced but as of now unquilted quilt top! I like the flower and vegetable blocks and the whole quilt actually. It makes me want to go out and garden. You know, grow enough veggies to feed my family and enough flowers to have beautiful arrangements every week. Reality is that something has already eaten the zucchini plant I set out a few weeks ago. I hope it was tasty and I also hope whatever it was that ate it won't find the three baby tomatoes on my tomato plant!

Some of the fabrics in this top go way back to my crafting days. The panel blocks are from Susan Winget and initially I also had cutsie heart ticking fabric and her heart striped fabric for the backing. When I found the blocks in my "resource center" a few years ago, those fabrics were just too much for me and I decided to give it a more updated look. After much searching at my LQS, we came up with this combination which I really like!

I'll tell on myself a little here about my early quilting efforts. When I found these blocks, I realized that I had already started making this quilt sometime in the past. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to make Flying Geese units and improvised. Some of those blocks were definitely not going to work. There's not much you can do when there's no fabric for a seam allowance. Worse yet, I'd "gathered" or I guess in quilting terms "eased" some of the blocks together when they didn't fit correctly. It looked more like "gathering" to me. I'm glad my quilting skills have improved over the years! I took all the blocks apart and started over with the new fabric.

The pattern I used was from this "Quilt" magazine dated Spring, 1995 when most of the magazine was still printed in black and white. Yes, I save "old" quilting magazines and books and often put a sticky tab on the page of something I'm interested in making in the future. Sometimes I do make the projects and most of the time I don't but I can now use this as an example when my husband asks me if I really need to save all those quilting magazines and books!

My favorite block - the tomato. Well, maybe not.

OK, the Iris block is my favorite ... uh, oh.

The Zinnia block ... well, if its not my favorite, it did inspire me to go plant some zinnia seed this morning! Hope they all grow but I'm not sure where they'll pop up. Something I should have known - never try to plant seed when there's a wind advisory!

I've folded the quilt top back up and will put it together with its backing fabric into the sack I found it in. Now that I've written about it, I know it won't be in there for long. I hope to be enjoying it long before my garden is done producing this year!


  1. I love your quilt Mayleen. The pattern is a great way to show off panel blocks.

  2. I LOVE this! LOve the red, white & blue, the garden theme, love your lovely work! great job!
    I've put you on my blog list now so that I can keep up with you better! XO :)

  3. I couldn't pick a favorite block, that whole quilt and the way you set the blocks is just perfect!!

  4. I save all my quilt magazines, too. In fact, I have that very issue!
    Great quilt!