Friday, May 14, 2010

My second Flimsy Friday!

Here's my second flimsy (with the promise of more to come)!

Last fall, I noticed the bloggers who were doing the Year of Schnibbles. I didn't have a blog yet so I thought I'd just sew along and as an added challenge, I'd use only my Jo Morton fabric since I already had it on hand. Ha. I made exactly one and this is it. Its called "Cindy Lou Who" and is a Schnibbles pattern by Miss Rosie.

I made it in what I think of as Christmas colors from Jo Morton's Crimson & Clover and also her shirtings lines. It measures about 34 1/2 inches square. I did start marking the quilting lines but got busy with other projects and put it away. Didn't find it again until I moved back into my sewing room last week! I'd like to have it quilted and ready to hang for Christmas (this year).

Now while I was working on the snowball blocks in the "Cindy Lou Who" wallhanging, I trimmed off quite a few corners. Having the genetic disposition I do (being frugal), I sewed all those triangles together to make HSTs, trimmed and saved them in a baggie (which I also didn't find until after I moved back into my sewing room).

One day last week feeling quite frustrated, I sat down and sewed all of those HST together to make this little quilt. The HST are 1 inch finished and the quilt measures approximately 7 1/4 x 10 inches. I used a piece of flannel as batting and quilted it by machine, stitching in the ditch on the diagonal.

Quilting is usually my stress reliever and so yes, I felt a lot better after I made this quilt!


  1. I love yur Schnibbles quilt and your half square triangles is so cute! Love the colours.

  2. Wonderful quilts! I will be back..