Monday, May 24, 2010

"Do Something You Don't Want to Do"

Friday my throat was dry. Saturday, it was sore and I had all the other usual cold symptoms too. I thought I was better on Sunday but today, I am worse. So far, 3/4 of my family has the cold. I have places to be and things to do so I definitely don't want to feel bad! But, since I have a cold, usually a winter thing, I thought I'd continue posting parts of my "Stitched in Time" presentation.

This is my "Winter in the Woods" wallhanging.

The blocks in this wall hanging were made by members of my quilting bee. We meet once a month usually to work on our own projects but occasionally to participate in challenges. The goal for this challenge was to learn how to put together different size blocks.

I confess that I didn't particularly want to do this challenge because I thought snowmen were just a little too "cute" for me. I went ahead and made eleven of my snowman blocks (the one with the pink scarf) so I could trade blocks with each person in our bee. Surprisingly, I was the first person to finish her wall hanging!

Since we did this project way back in 2005, we have lost several of our bee members. One has moved away, several no longer attend for various reasons, another has health problems that keep her from attending and sadly, one has passed away.

This wall hanging is all I have to remember some of these women. Even though you might think something is too "cute" or whatever reason is holding you back, make a memory! Every January, I hang "Winter in the Woods" and remember my bee members.

Value friendships, sometimes you just have to do things you don't want to do!


  1. Mayleen, that is such a wonderful post. The quilt must be very important to you now in remembering all the women that contributed to it. Thank you for sharing and hope you get over your cold soon.

  2. Hi Mayleen,
    Found you via Sue-Anne. We are participating in a round robin quilt in our little group of 6, not only are we being challenged creatively, thinking outside of the box, but at the end of it we will each have a quilt with memories stitched into them. Get well soon.

  3. How nice for you to have a remembrance of special quilting friends. All too quickly time passes, so it's great to have a quilt that reminds you of people you have known and what you have accomplished. Please get well soon! This isn't the time of year to be dealing with a cold!

  4. I love this quilt - and I don't usually like cutesy stuff either but this is an exception.

    Feel better soon.

    Hugs - Marie