Monday, May 3, 2010

500 inches of Binding!

Look what's home from the machine quilter - my "30 Years on the Fence" quilt! I've got the binding sewn on and will be starting to hand tack it down later. It looks great! So great, in fact, that my daughter has decided to claim the quilt. Ha, its mine, at least for now.

Can you see what's in the Seven Sisters rosebush growing up the side of our deck? We discovered the nest last week. Our cat, Charlie, was and is still very interested! There was no discouraging Mom and Dad Cardinal though and she is now sitting on 3 eggs. I'm doing my very best to keep Charlie away but its going to be a long month till those babies hatch and fly away!

News coming soon about our new pet!


  1. Good luck with keeping your cat away. It will exciting to watch them hatch and grow.

  2. I don't mind hand sewing binding - it is mindless, hands-busy work and I can get all kinds of serious "non-productive" thinking done while tacking down bindings.

    The nest is beautiful - good luck with Charlie.

  3. So precious! I can't wait to see more photos along the way... Mother nature is so amazing. We have wild turkeys in the yard now and I'm trying my best to get a photo of them without disturbing the mama hen. She sits and they scatter under her when someone comes near, so I'm leaving them be. Binding is the best part!~The home stretch! Lovely quilt!