Friday, May 21, 2010

Flimsy Friday number 3

After a few days of gloomy, rainy weather, it's beautiful outside today so I decided to take a photo of my third Flimsy Friday project hanging on my clothesline! It is a little breezy so getting a photo was a bit of a challenge but here it is.

I saw this crib quilt in an older Fons & Porter magazine and even though I didn't know anyone having a baby at the time, I knew I had to make this Rubber Ducky crib quilt! I still think its cute so I'm not sure it would be easy for me to part with it unless it were to a close friend. Of course, it won't be going anywhere until its machine quilted!

The duckies are fused and machine blanket stitched. If I were to make another quilt like this, I would probably line the ducks as the blue fabric shows through their yellow bodies. Not a difficult quilt to make at all but very cute!


  1. QWACKS me up!~TOoo adorable!!!!!
    I LOVE it! I can only imagine the FUN you have had making this lovely quilt..
    SOmeone is going to have a quacking good time sleeping under it one day! :) XO

  2. Hi Mayleen -
    Glad you like the selvages - cute ducky quilt!!

  3. That's a really cute quilt Mayleen!