Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rhubarb & Selvages

Darlene, a good quilting and history enjoying friend of mine, gave me some rhubarb yesterday. Anybody else a rhubarb fan out there? This morning, I made rhubarb pie and it was so delicious with some ice cream and a good cup of coffee!

We like the green variety of rhubarb which usually tastes a little more sour than the red. You have to get used to eating green pie but mmmm!
Did I sew today? No but I did go to two quilt shops looking for some inspiration. I'm not sure I found any because I want to buy new fabric instead of working with my "resource center" fabrics. And no, I didn't buy any new fabric, even resisted the sale fabric!

There is a selvage quilt I would really like to make but since I used most of my selvages on the "Little Red Zinger", my cupboard is bare! Would anyone consider saving selvages for me? They can be any length but I need at least 1/4 inch of fabric past the white edge of the selvage and more would be even better. I'd like some of the fabric design to show after its been sewn down. Please let me know if you have some selvages you'd be willing to send me or can save them for me!


Marie said...

Mayleen - I love rhubarb pie. Our family jokes that I always ordered rhubarb pie because it was the only flavor the girls didn't want to taste. I love rhubarb in everything.

I will save selvedges but right now I am using some "lesser names" from my "resource center" (what a clever way to say stash). Are lesser names ok?


Anonymous said...

I would be happy to save and share selvedges for you have a start date in mind?
Just let me know.