Monday, April 26, 2010

Country Lanes

I finished a "UFO"! (maybe) And its just the top but that's still good. It would be well and truly done if it were quilted and bound but that will come, in time. Oh, and a label too!

This Jo Morton pattern, Country Lanes, from her Remembrances book has been on my wall for over a year. After I sewed all the 1 1/2 inch squares together, our son told me that when pieces would fall off the wall he'd just stick them up anywhere! (He is temporarily living in what was my sewing room.)

Yeah, I can see that now when I stand back and take a good look at it. Sigh. I was so intent on finishing this project that I didn't notice the color clusters until too late. Even though I know it will bother me every time I look at it, I decided not to pick out the seams and rearrange the blocks again.

I'd really like to hand quilt this little quilt but I don't have much time to spend doing it so I'm thinking of doing a slightly larger quilt stitch to make it go faster. I do need to totally finish a few quilts around here!


  1. I think your quilt looks great. Your "color clusters" don't jump out to me. I love the border fabric.

  2. I think the color clusters make it unique and quite attractive. Good for you for finishing it. I am hand quilting the border around my most recent 36 x 24 wall hanging (2" border). It is the first time I can say I am proud of my hand quilting. Gets easier each time (but still more time consuming than machine quilting.)


  3. I think your quilt looks lovely, just as it is, and it has a story from your son to go with it.