Friday, April 16, 2010

Prize & Clue #2 & Cookies too!

And now for something totally unrelated to quilting - here's what I have been doing this week. My latest sewing project was a white eyelet skirt for my daughter. Its been years since I've sewn clothing but I think it turned out well. In addition to that, how about baking 4 different batches of cookies, at least 16 dozen cookies! This post is about one of my favorite cookie recipes given to me by a friend who does the very same thing with the M&Ms. If you read far enough down, you'll eventually come to the next part of the prize and clue #2!

Several blog posts ago, I told you I even eat my M&Ms in Roy G Biv order. Actually, for M&Ms its Roy G BB order since there aren't any indigo or violet M&Ms! Why should making these cookies be any different and if you make them this way, no one will be able to say, "His cookie has more M&Ms than mine!"

First, make a batch of cookie dough. My recipe is a very basic sugar/brown sugar cookie dough.

Then sort the M&Ms by color. As you can see, there aren't equal amounts of each color in a bag of M&Ms. Someone has been working overtime in the orange department and blue and green are usually very well represented too.

Then scoop out the cookie dough onto a prepared cookie sheet. I use parchment paper because I think the cookies are less likely to burn and will bake more evenly. I like to scoop the dough because it results in cookies that are more or less the same size. You all probably knew all of this right?

Now you can see my method of decorating the cookies with the M&Ms. I think a yellow center looks best so I put those on first, followed by the other colors just working my way around the cookie.

Here's a pan fresh out of the oven! Uh, oh. I see quality control did not do her job very well but not to worry, my cookie inspectors are close by and will take care of it.

Most people who see these cookies think I must have things under control and in order around my house. Ha, go ahead and think that if you like.

Okay finally here's what you've been waiting for. The second part of the prize for the person who guesses the answer to the Quilter's Quiz Question is (ta,da!) a silver fat quarter. Hmmm, first a gold fat quarter and then a silver fat quarter. What could this mean?
I know some of you out there are thinking hard about my Quilter's Quiz Question but still no correct answer so keep on guessing, OK? Please post your guesses to the original post at Quilter's Quiz Question.

Here's tonight's clue:
Clue #2 - Women were not allowed to verbally express their political viewpoints.

Clue #1 - The hexagon quilt was made at the turn of the century.


  1. Mayleen, are you talking about the fact that the 19 rows of this hexie quilt represent the Nineteenth Admendment that the suffrage movement
    worked so hard for?

  2. I still have no idea, but Gerry's comment makes sense.