Sunday, July 25, 2010

Selvages, selvages everywhere!

Have you heard about the Process Pledge? Its a blogging idea that encourages bloggers to tell more about their creative process instead of just showing a picture of their final project. I just took the pledge and I thought I'd share a little about the process of making my selvage spiderweb blocks!

At this point in my creative process, my sewing room is a mess! There are several piles of selvages on the floor, on the ironing board and on my sewing machine cabinet. This pile is the largest. These are all the selvages I've used in the inner rings which still have more selvage to use.

I still have about half a tub of selvages to go before I start over on the pile. So far, I've only made 13 square blocks and if I'm really going to make this a bed size quilt, I have quite a few more blocks to make!

I've been following Tallgrass Prairie Studio's tutorial on how she adapted Quiltville's instructions to make a Selvage Spiderweb quilt. The slippery and shiny project I was working on has been put aside so I can concentrate on this quilt for a while. Looks like I'll soon be making a bridesmaid dress for my daughter so I want to get as far along as I can in the next week!


  1. No Mayleen. I have never heard of this blog; but it seems at least most things start with some type of inspiration, idea, hum bug, etc... I enjoyed seeing your tubs of selvages and I know there is some creative process in there. I also hope you will share the bridesmaid dress with us.

  2. I have also been saving selvedges for some time, and looking forward to making my own string quilt in the future. Your's is looking fantastic. Thanks for sharing the photos and progress.

  3. Oh Mayleen, I was just mentioning to Shirley (who sent me some selvedges) that I would like to make this quilt! Now that I have a plan, I can start collecting selvedges more seriously. Seeing your quilt in progress is definite confirmation! Thank YOU!

  4. Hi Mayleen,
    It's great fun to look at your box of selvages and spot some that I sent you!! Why is it exciting to see fabric that you chose being used somewhere? I don't know, but it is! I'm collecting the darn things myself, now, and my husband just groans.......he doesn't "get" it, yet. It's looking really great, so keep it up. Michele

  5. Your spiderweb is looking wonderful Mayleen.

  6. It looks very effective Mayleen. You seem to have done a lot of sewing. Is it a bit addictive?