Saturday, July 10, 2010

Its been a long week

It sure feels like its been a long week of running errands here and there. We returned home from our July 4th. weekend trip on Monday and I didn't get to sit down to sew/quilt until Friday. Part of that was because I'm just not happy with my border fabric choice for the tumbling block little quilt. I'm auditioning another fabric for the border and am hoping to find one more fabric to add to it. What do you do when none of the fabrics you pick seem right?

Wondering what this photo has to do with quilting? As far as I can tell, it has nothing to do with quilting. I'm putting together a museum exhibit about Custom Combiners and this is one of the photos I'll be using. I grew up in wheat growing country so I like this photo and hope you do too. I can almost smell the wheat dust! Just curious, has anyone else chewed wheat kernels to make gum?

I enjoy doing research and putting together exhibits. This time is a little different though because someone else has done the research and I'm putting their photos and text into an exhibit for them. This will take quite a bit of my time for the next two weeks so I'm probably not going to be making much progress on my quilting projects.

Do you think that kept me from starting something new? Ha. My next project involves hand piecing slippery, shiny pieces of fabric that measure one inch or less! This is a personal challenge to myself because I do not like sewing slippery, shiny fabrics. Its a reproduction of something I saw 2+ years ago and its now or never to try making it. If it turns out, I'll post a photo when I'm further along. If it doesn't turn out, I'll post a photo just to show you that not all my bright ideas are so bright!


  1. step away from the quilt and hopefully you will see something you you did not see before. I happen to like the photograph especially the sky; painters used these types for inspiration. I know the exhibit will be a nice one, once you are done with it and good luck on your new project.

  2. your exhibit sounds interesting! we have a farm in illinois where we have co-op. I love looking at the heavy machinery - this is lovely photo.
    shiney? slippery? interesting

  3. It's frustrating when you think you have the right fabric and then, for who knows why, it doesn't work.
    You have my curiousity working overtime with your slippery little pieces of fabric.

  4. Wheat gum was on the menu just the other day.....waiting for the wonderful rain to dry up so we can finish harvesting.......the dust I can do without. Lovely photo.

  5. What a gorgeous photo! So interesting...
    I found this on the FRONT LOADER/laundry soap: