Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cut down to size

First of all, I apologize about the quality of my photos. My excuse is that its been a hot humid day here!

Guess what I'm getting ready to do? It is very quilt related although you can't tell by this photo. Nothing against "Annie", by the way!

I finished the Custom Harvesting exhibit today so I'm getting ready to begin working on my selvage quilt! This is the quilt I'd like to make in a bed size so I'll be at this for awhile. The process for making the spiderweb selvage quilt involves paper piecing and when I do that, I like to use newsprint because it tears away so much easier than regular paper.

It means cutting the newsprint down to the size you need. In the past, I've also sent it through our printer to print the block design but that won't be needed this time. You can see I've already made the template for the piece of background fabric which will be between the spiderwebs. Its a little difficult to explain but I think you'll understand as it comes together!

And here are all of the selvages some very generous blog readers have sent me. Thank you so much! It would have taken me a lifetime to save this many. I'm not even sure this is enough but I should be able to tell how many more I might need as I begin piecing.

There is everything from chicken fabric to florals to reproduction to Kaffe Fasset and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together. Tomorrow, I'm planning to mark background fabric, cut and hopefully begin piecing so check back again soon to see my progress!


  1. OOh, looking forward to watching this develop!
    I have some selvages to send to you, I'd love to be part of your quilt.
    Does the newsprint ever get on the fabric?

  2. Oh Mayleen - you are going to be so busy on this. Give us a hint of what we are looking at for a final?

  3. I'm glad you're giving this a go ahead of me! A selvage spider web quilt is very high on my want-to-do list. However, I'll be using telephone book pages as the base for mine. What else is a phone book used for these days!?

    I've used phone book pages before and they work well. No newsprint on fabric either. Here's where I've blogged about using telephone book pages for making string quilt blocks:

  4. See your blog for the first time, what a lovely timble blocks have you made! It is for me a WIM ( want to make....)

    warm greetings, Jeannet

  5. What a great idea with the newspaper, thanks for the tip.