Friday, July 16, 2010

The Elephant

I like plants but I don't necessarily have a green thumb. That's probably why I buy a lot of floral fabrics and as you see, floral wallpaper. My mother regifted me with this Angelwing Begonia plant gone wild. She called it "The Elephant" and I do have to admit that one stem could pass as an elephant's trunk!

So now it's mine to tame and its definitely time to do a little pruning back. Know anyone who wants to start an Angelwing Begonia? Actually quite easy to grow.

I hadn't noticed until I took the photo how this plant just blends into the wallpaper! Does that make it a wallflower?

I finished hand sewing the borders onto my tumbling block quilt today. I went with the dark brown borders because I like the contrast and I also already had the fabric! That was a big plus, just a little more fabric gone from my "resource center". Next step is hand quilting it but that may not happen until winter.

A few days ago, I purchased the light blue background fabric for my next selvage quilt! If I missed posting photos of your selvages, be sure to look for them in the blocks as I begin posting them soon!


  1. Ha ha I guess it does make it a "Wallflower"! Love the little quilt and I definately like the dark borders. It is going to look fantastic with the handquilting.

  2. You know...I think it DOES make it a wallflower! I'm glad you went with the dark brown, it looks just great.

  3. Your quilt is a stand-out. The black diamond with the bit of whitish wreath is in the perfect place, drawing the eye in for a closer look. Like the darker border, a lot.

  4. oh, I love that plant, wish I lived closer for cutting ;)
    The brown borders look awesome! Im glad you had enough. I assume you'll be hand quiting?

  5. LOL - wallflower. Love the plant and the quilt. Regifting should not be allowed - if you wanted it in the first place you would keep it. LOL

    Hugs - Marie

  6. I'm glad you chose the darker border. It looks great and I am glad that you are happy with the result.

  7. Your tumbling block quilt is wonderful. I made one many years ago and have another I was working on but it is sitting in the closet waiting for attention.