Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wall of Fabric

A little cheeriness on a partly cloudy day:
Prairie Quilt Guild's 2014 Block of the Month
"Inspiration at Dusk" - my blocks so far.

Here's my Wall of Fabric pictures:

What was lacking the most in my sewing room was fabric and project organization. This is the wall just as you walk into the room completely taken up by two heavy duty wire shelf units. 

We already had one of the racks but it wasn't being used much so I claimed it. I purchased another rack and more of the Artbin containers. I usually buy them at JoAnn's but found a good deal on the internet this time. 

On the end nearest the door, I've hung most of my tote bags from "S" hooks. My husband thinks I have too many tote bags. I'm always looking for a bag to transport quilts so totes call my name!  

I couldn't back up far enough to get both racks and the tote bags in the picture so here's another view. Almost everything has been sorted into containers. Each project has its own container, fabric has been sorted by color or type and my current or most used patterns, magazines and books are together.
I still have some organization to do and decisions to make about this wall but its been really nice to be able to find what I need when I need it!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Looks like you have a lot of projects to catch up on. You have them organized nicely.

  2. There's no such thing as too many tote bags. Silly man!

  3. Great blocks and I think I need some of those shelves. My containers are stacked all over my room.

  4. You've got a lot of stuff! But it's good to hear you've got a handle on it, and know where everything is located. Well, mostly, right? I have a much smaller space, but I'm pretty organized. Still, I can't find something bought a couple months ago! I've been through everything, several times. I swear it got up and walked away. (sigh)