Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Oldest UFO and More

This year, I've decided to try to finish or make progress on my UFO's so to keep myself motivated, I've joined Field Trip and Fiber's UFO Busting link up! Click on her button in the upper right hand sidebar to read more about it and see what UFO's other bloggers are working on.

In this first post, we've been asked to tell how many active UFO's we have and name our oldest UFO.

My total number of UFO's is 34. Some are tops needing to be quilted, some are tops needing to be finished, and some are just a few blocks. Its very difficult for me to get rid of any quilt I start unless its really horrid so I'm going to say they're all active. Disclaimer - I may change my mind later.

I think this is my oldest UFO. It was started back in the late 90's as my daughter's high school graduation present. Unfortunately, it looks like it was meant to only be a double size quilt and it's also no longer my daughter's taste.

My mother did the cross stitch and I pieced the top, as far as it got.

Here is the final border fabric which I had purchased but not cut. It's dated 1998. It reminds me of the new color of the year - Marsala. I would like to finish this quilt as a remembrance of my mother, have it quilted but not sure what it's future will be.

So, what have I been working on? This is Criss Cross Applesauce, a Bonnie Hunter pattern, which is also a UFO. I finished making the blocks and was trying to web the rows together when I got them so tangled up that I had to cut the first two rows apart. I'll make another attempt at stitching the web together tomorrow.

I've also started to work on Love Entwined again. I'm a little further along since I last worked on it but not much. I do plan to take some of it apart - those heart wreaths really bother me.

I have "finished" one UFO - my wild child quilt, "Flash". It just needs a sleeve and a label for it really to be done. Since I print my labels on the computer, I like to print four labels on one fabric sheet. That means I'll need to finish three more quilts before I can print labels. Pictures of "Flash" and my fabric stash wall coming next week!

This Arctic blast weather has been perfect for quilting! 
(Trying to put a positive spin on freezing cold temperatures and wind chills.)

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. What if you use the UFO quilt top as a quilt back for another family quilt? That way your Mom's embroidery will be saved and you'll have a reversible quilt!

  2. So glad to see you working on this. My goal is to finish a lot of things I have started over the years. I am checking into 'OPAM'. Hopefully that will keep me on track. L

  3. See- marsala. You are right on time and it'll be a nice keepsake. :)

  4. great UFOs to finish! I love your applique peice!

  5. Lovely quilts! (Where abouts in Kansas do you live? I live outside Wichita!)

  6. You have almost convinced me to work on some of my ufo's, and then you show the Criss cross quilt which I've never seen and now I'm tempted to start something new!! Thanks for sharing.