Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why I went to Houston!

I have many photos of quilts from the Houston Quilt Festival to share with you but I'm going to start with the quilts and people I most wanted to see!

The Australian Quilting Exhibit, sponsored by Quiltmania

 Phebe by Di Ford
Since I'd just finished my version of Phebe in spring, I most definitely wanted to see it!

Rotherfield Greys by Di Ford
I'm attracted to medallion quilts so this is another quilt I'd like to make.

Antique Wedding Samper by Di Ford
I've made 5 blocks but am having difficulty finding the right fabrics. I spent a lot of time studying this quilt.

the Morrell Quilt by Di Ford
I'm not sure I've spelled Morrell correctly but this quilt is on my "Someday" list.

Drayton Hall by Di Ford

Ann's Legacy by Di Ford

Oh dear, Mrs. Tompkins! aka The Burnt Quilt by Di Ford

Jane Austen Quilt by Di Ford

I'd like to learn more about Broderie Perse so I made sure to watch the demonstration Michelle Yeo (left) and Di Ford (right) did. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to catch the bus back to our hotel.

On Saturday afternoon, I attended the lecture, "Three Addicted Aussie Quilters", given by Carolyn Konig, Di Ford and Michelle Yeo (l-r) and enjoyed hearing about how they approach quilting.

Stars upon Stars by Michelle Yeo

California Star by Michelle Yeo

19th Century Folk Art by Carolyn Konig

Marriage Quilt by Carolyn Konig

Indiana Rising Sun by Michelle Yeo

and if you've stayed with me so far ...
my friend and a member of our quilt guild, Jan Hutchison collaborating with Gail Stepanek, won the Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry for their quilt, Stars on Mars!

It was an exciting and fun time at the quilt festival but now I'm trying to play catch up on everything I should have been doing at home. I'll be back with another installment of photos soon.

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. OMG! These were all at Houston? And Di Ford was there, giving demos? That would have been worth the price of a ticket alone. Not that I could have manager to get myself here anyway ~

    If only we could spirit all of the above to our local quilt museum (San Jose) it would be so incredible to see these quilts in person.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I am so happy you were able to go to Houston. What great quilts, some of the best inspiration from those quilters!

  3. Great photos of Di's quilts - and that must have been a wonderful to have a broderie perse lesson from these experts! Carolyn Konig's Marriage quilt is an absolute masterpiece isn't it?! What a lovely time you must have had - thanks for the pics

  4. I really enjoyed the pics and can't imagine seeing them in person. Such talented ladies!

  5. What an amazing trip, those quilts are so wonderful. What a treat.

  6. So glad you got to go to Houston and find all the quilts that make your heart sing! There's definitely a theme in the quilts you like! Hope you live long enough to make them all. :-)

  7. Thanks for posting these wonderful quilts! Congrats to your friend what an honor and what a fabulous quilt

  8. Oh my goodness! How lucky to see these wonderful Australian quilts in person!!! I am a big fan of Aussie quilts too and I really appreciate your pictures of these amazing quilts!! I also think it's just great that you were able to attend workshops with Di Ford on Broderie Perse….lucky girl!!!!

  9. amazing quilts, thanks for sharing so much inspiration !
    congrats to your friend, what an incredible quilt well deserved ribbon

  10. So glad you got to see the Aussie quilts and to see and learn from these talented ladies. I hope you post your AWS blocks soon, can't wait to see them!