Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slow Progress

Every now and then I read about slow stitching on someone's blog. I don't think this project, my version of the Ann Ruggles quilt, would qualify for slow stitching but it would definitely qualify for slow progress!

This picture is from September, 2012.

Here it is today - nearly the end of October, 2014. I have finally finished stitching the pink and brown rosettes to the center.

Its probably not the hexagon quilt project I would choose if I were starting it today but it has been good to get out and work on again. I hope I don't wait another two years to update my progress! 
Do you see the notebook and papers underneath? I've started working on this project again as a stress reliever. I'm not a meeting/paperwork kind of person but I'm learning.

I'll be at the Houston Quilt Festival Thursday through Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing the special exhibit about Australian Quilts and hope to attend the lecture about it too. If you recognize me there, please say hello!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Definitely a slow stitching project! But then all of mine feel like forever projects.

  2. beautiful GFG arrangement.
    Have fun at the festival!!

  3. It is beautiful - and nothing wrong with slow stitching!

  4. Fast is not as important as taking pleasure in what you are doing and this beauty looks like it must be an absolute pleasure to work on. Keep at it and sooner or later it will be done!

  5. I know what it is, slow progress... But it is already very beautiful! I hope you enjoyed the Festival.