Thursday, November 13, 2014

Now Blooming in my Sewing Room

Its a little early for the kind of cold weather we're having! Saturday we might even get some snow! I'm trying to look forward to it! It's not working. The only thing that excites me about really cold weather is that its perfect weather for quilting!

So because everything outside is frozen and my houseplants have been put in rooms where cats cannot find them, I'm working on flower quilting projects this week.

Prairie Quilt Guild's BOM - "Where Inspiration Blooms", block #2
You're right, no one else will have a quilt like mine! Unless I change my mind, my quilt's name will be "Inspiration at Dusk".

I have no idea what the next flower block looks like but I have plans for its leaves. This is looking just a little too tidy to me!

And now for the traditional side of me, I'm making the next ring of hexagon rosettes for my version of the Ann Ruggle hexagon quilt. The rosettes alternate between that yellowish green color and light pink. I'm using mostly Jo Morton fabrics from my stash but adding other fabrics too. 

Stay warm and enjoy Quilting Season!

Until next time, Mayleen

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