Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Are you crazy? I'd never go on that ride!

In case you haven't heard, Kansas City's Schlitterbahn has a new water ride. Go here to experience it. I can't imagine what circumstances would get me to go on that ride.

However, my new quilting project could be described as verruckt (crazy).

This quilt doesn't look too difficult so far, right? The medallion measures 11 inches square and has numerous pieced borders which surround it. Lots of piecing coming. As far as I know, there isn't a pattern. Its just me, working from a photo of a late 1890's quilt, guessing on proportions and measurements. Fortunately, my husband can help me with the math involved.

I'm planning to use the red fabric on the left in the first border. I have only part of a fat quarter of it in my stash. Its at least two years old so may not be available anymore but does anyone know where I can buy more of it? Its Jinny Beyer Miniature Medleys line.

I'm also continuing to make double wedding ring blocks from made fabric using fabric scraps. I took some time out to sort through my scraps and threw the too small to realistically use scraps out. Then I gathered other scraps together to donate and now I'm finally back to making blocks again. 

My design wall looks like two quilters with completely different likes are using it - a modern, bright project and a reproduction project. That's me, I like both - old and new - but have trouble with anything in between!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Good for you. I started making a reproduction quilt from a picture on the cover of a quilting book last fall. It has been sidelined while I work on other projects. I need both 8 foot tables to lay it out to work on. Maybe when my Dear Jane is completed and quilted.

  2. I made a broken star miniature quilt once that was named " Never Again" after making it I understood. You caught my attention with your title. My mom was from Austria so I grew up understanding German, wish now that I had learned to speak it.

  3. great new project. are you going to paper piece it?

  4. You could try talking to her shop in Great Falls, VA (even if it isn't listed on website). Good luck!