Friday, July 11, 2014

This, That and the Other Thing

Victoria Findlay-Wolfe was the speaker at our latest guild meeting and I took her 15 Minutes of Play workshop the following day. When I went to the workshop, I had no specific project in mind, just wanted to use up my scraps. I wouldn't have guessed I'd be starting a Double Wedding Ring! I'm just glad I didn't tell Victoria that there was no way I was making a Sunbonnet Sue quilt or that's probably what I would have come home with.

Looks like another long term project to me but this time I am definitely only making a wall hanging size. Somebody please remind me of that when I get carried away making blocks!!! I'm looking forward to embroidering and big stitch quilting this quilt. Definitely more modern so I've got to finish this one before fall when my Quilter's Color Disorder kicks in, ha. 

By the way, I didn't even make a dent in my scrap collection. How small of a fabric scrap do you save or do you save them? I know someone who has no stash, she throws away or donates all fabric left after her quilting project is finished. I save any piece of fabric that's one inch or larger and I now have too much.

Other people have pictures of me in my selvage skirt so I might as well post one too. Here I am in all my fluffiness between quilt guild meetings. I included the fabric that was with the selvage so that the skirt would have more body. It has a yoke, 8 gores and an invisible zipper. I made it to wear to my selvage projects demo at our guild's quilt show and at some point, I'll take it apart and remake it into a quilt. This was my secret project mentioned a few posts back. 

Remember my gadget disappointment? This Big Look Sewing Platform was the big seller at one of the vendors at our recent quilt guild's quilt show. After two days of trying to make it fit my sewing desk, I found a way to make it work but I'm not so sure I want it to work. Because of past experiences, I usually ignore gadgets but this one sounded like it would be very helpful to me.

Here's the Big Look Sewing Platform set up with my sewing machine on top of my sewing desk. 

Here it is with my sewing machine lowered to sit flush with the top of the sewing desk which is how I prefer to sew. It required a little moving around to make it fit. My machine doesn't have needle up or down so I need to reach around the upright bar to manually lower and raise the needle. Its awkward and if I bump it, the magnifying glass jiggles. Minor but annoying and causing a little eye strain for me, kind of like getting used to new eyeglasses.

It does help with seeing lines better, threading the needle and I can see it being very helpful if I were to work on a miniature. I'm going to continue trying to sew with it for a few days but I'm seriously considering selling it. I paid the equivalent of 8 yards of fabric for it and I don't know that it will be that useful to me. If you're local and would like to buy it, contact me. My e-mail address is in the "About Me" section to the right.

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Looks like you had a fun day at any rate. I'm afraid I tend to keep all my scraps..... comes from when I was first married and things were so tight I had to use old clothing or op shop materials for any sewing!

  2. Hi Mayleen - I Love your selvage skirt! It must have been the biggest hit! LOL I just wanted to post and tell you that I appreciate your telling us about The Big Look. My 94 year old friend has been losing her eyesight gradually and was just telling me how she can't sew any more so maybe this is something we can look into that might help her.

  3. Mayleen, I miss you and loved seeing your smiling picture in the selvage skirt. I'll have to see that up close some day!