Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Cat in the Hat quilt

I don't want you to think my entire current quilting life is about Phebe so here's a photo of a Dr. Seuss "quilt" made from Minky which I just finished for our grandson!

For those of you who have never sewn with Minky, its a very soft pile, 100% polyester and stretches if you're not careful while stitching. It leaves ALOT of little fuzzies behind when cut but will not fray later. Like I said, its very soft and while I've seen some adult lap quilts made of Minky, its usually used for baby quilts.

I used Minky for the top, back and binding. The Dr. Seuss panel was very long and narrow which makes the "quilt" larger than our grandson needs at present. I'm hoping that this will become a favorite snuggle quilt as he grows up. Since there's no batting, I machine stitched around Dr. Seuss and did some simple line stitching in the borders to hold the front and back together.

This is the backing, another Dr. Seuss print. As you can see our cats, Bonnie & Clyde, approve! Maybe they're hoping I'll make them something with the fabric leftovers?

When our children were younger, the Dr. Seuss books were favorites. Yesterday evening while I was reading a quilting magazine at Barnes & Noble, I saw a child's quilt made from Green Eggs & Ham fabric. That fabric's going to be hard to resist if any of the quilt shops in our area carry it!


  1. I've never sewn with Minky, but I know that kids love to snuggle into it, so soft!!!!
    It's nice to sew something different once in a while, this would have been such a nice distraction!!!!

  2. what delightful quilt for your grandson!
    what a lucky boy!