Friday, April 5, 2013

Life with Phebe, Bonnie & Clyde!

Okay, week 2 with Phebe and boy, is the honeymoon period of making this quilt over!!!

If ever a quilt could mock me, this one did all week. Phebe is a challenge, for sure! I may have it under control again. (Is that snickering I hear coming from the sewing room?) I got it that way by starting completely over on Monday. Yes, you read that right. I wasn't happy with several things and there were some obvious mistakes on my previous start and so instead of picking them out and redoing them, I just started over and reused what I could.

This is what I've been able to accomplish since Monday evening. There are some things I'm not happy about on this one too but they're not bad enough to start over! Because next week could be a busy one for me, I really concentrated on Phebe this week. I'll probably not be able to devote as much time on this quilt from here on out but I may be surprised.

I'm using either needle turn applique or the starch method on the applique work. Which method I use depends on how it turns out. My leaf points are getting better and they're becoming enjoyable to do but this is my second try at those oak leaves, they were not easy to do. In fact, it would be perfectly OK with me if there weren't any more of them on the quilt but I think there are at least 12 more.

People who have read my blog for some time read about Charlie, the orange tabby cat who showed up the night we moved into our house and decided to stay for 13 years. Sadly, we had to have Charlie put down two weeks before Christmas. The house was very quiet but we didn't want to get a new cat right before our trip to Florida to see our son and his family.

In mid-January, we adopted a brother sister kitten pair from a cat rescue group near us. They were very dependent upon each other and we couldn't imagine separating them. We wanted two kittens who could keep each other entertained while they entertained us!

Bonnie is the larger of the two and is like a sensitive child. Is her coloring a Tortie? She's a lap kitty when she trusts you, a little aloof and independent. All business and may be a good mouser when she matures. Doesn't meow, squeaks instead. Has been known to do naughty things but is usually not the instigator.

Here's a very rare photo of Clyde laying still. Doesn't he have an innocent face? He's smaller but is the alpha cat. Eats first, plays first and wants all the attention you can give him. He's a lover boy, your personal assistant and is on the go most of the time. He doesn't understand the word, "No" and if he were a human boy, his school teachers would recommend he be on medication.

We thought they were adjusted to us. A few days after our daughter's wedding, we came home and found they'd started stripping our dining room wallpaper! I don't think they appreciated our house guests - two young families both with a baby under 6 months. In fact, Bonnie was very jealous of the attention being paid to the babies. For now, I'm artfully arranging furniture and plants to hide the wallpaper or lack of it!

I admit I'd been thinking of stripping the wallpaper myself but not till fall or even next year. We're still trying to repaint the living room, entry and hallway one wall at a time so I thought there was plenty of time to consider what to do with the dining room walls. Apparently not. Guess what job got moved up on the "to do" list? I insist that I get time to work on Phebe though!


  1. Your choice of fabric for the vase on Phebe is a stroke of genius! Bonnie's coat is really unique -it's an interesting mix of striped tabby and tortoise shell. Nice of your new kitties to help with the redecorating!

  2. I sure do like the vase on your Phebe block. Good choice.

  3. Your applique re-do looks great, and I love what you have used for the vase, great effect!!!!
    Your two little fur babys are gorgeous, and yes when they want to communicate their displeasure they sure know how to do it in spadesLOL!!!!! A few years ago, my very old cat Ella, who usually had the house to herself when I went out, (the dogs out on the enclosed back verandah), I accidently left one of the dogs inside, well when I got home, I noticed a weird smell just inside the door where I put my shoes, the little devil (cat) had very strategically piddled inside one of my shoes, not a drop anywhere else!!!!! She sure let me know to check that she was the only one to be left inside alone, her royal highness was not amused!!!!! The shoe survived after a good clean and airing!!!!

  4. Phebe is looking fabulous, just love the fabric you have used on the vase.

  5. too bad those sweet and beautiful kitties were so bad! Hopefully it is a one time thing.
    Your Phebe is looking beautiful!

  6. Wow, this is really wonderful! Beautiful fabrics!
    I love the pictures of your cats. We also had a Tortie: she didn't meow either, but made that sqeaking sound "e-mee-w". She died two years ago, 16 years old... still miss her!