Friday, April 12, 2013

Phebe - sequins and sheep

Phebe - Week #3

This was a week of trial and error, mostly error on the apples. They measure approximately 5/16" and are definitely the smallest applique I've ever done! Every method I tried resulted in pointy apples, as my husband called them. As you can see, I did eventually figure it out and here's the story.

One very early morning when I couldn't sleep, I searched the internet for ideas on how to make tiny round circles for applique and I came across a blogger who used sequins. Unfortunately, I don't remember which blog this was so I can't give credit to her. In any case, I don't wear sequins so I just kind of filed it away in my memory as something someone else had tried and definitely never thought it might be a possibility.

I tried again to make my 1/4" plastic circle templates work and not very successfully, I will add. After losing several of the templates, I was down on my knees feeling around on the mat under my sewing desk when what do I find? Well yes, a sequin. Since I don't wear sequins, I can only guess it came from my attempt to add them to my daughter's wedding veil. A story best told another time, maybe.

My first thought on finding the sequin was something like, "Toss." But then I remembered that blogger so, why not try to make an apple with the sequin? The templates haven't worked for me so why not?

Actually, I think it was a combination of many things that made the sequin method work! Cutting a very narrow seam allowance, using small basting stitches and being able to press the drawn up bulk into the cup of the sequin all worked together to make acceptable (to me) apples.

The other major accomplishment this week is the flock of sheep. Please tell me they look like sheep. My husband recognized them so I'm somewhat relieved. I'm not so sure the one with the wavy fleece is going to be able to stay. Also, the one in the lower right seems to be sniffing the air. Do sheep do that?

We didn't have sheep on our farm when I was growing up. However, my maternal grandparents kept sheep for a few years and I remember being taken out one very cold morning to see the new lambs. I don't know why this stuck in my memory but when I saw the sheep on this quilt, I was instantly taken back to that time. My grandparents were very dear to me so happy memories! 

Next week - the dreaded inner curves on more flowers and oak leaves. By the way, last week I thought there might be a dozen oak leaves left to make. Ha. I checked the pattern and found a total of 33 still needing to be made!


  1. Wow, what an achievement to make those beautiful little apples around a sequin! I LOVE your flock of sheep, especially the one with the wavy fleece! And yes, I have seen sheep sniff the air :D

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! Those apples are so tiny, I can hardly believe you managed to do them that small!!! Well done with your perseverance with this gorgeous project!!! The sheep look great!!! Well done Mayleen, you're really doing a wonderful job with this!!!!

  3. Just beautiful. Your sheep are perfect, I wouldn't change a thing!

  4. Oh My! your apples and little lambs are the Sweetest ever!
    Good for you for sticking with it.
    It is just gorgeous.

  5. Oh my! I think you were talking about me using sequins! I used them to make tiny circles on my Snowflake Medallion quilt. I blogged about it here:

    You'll notice that I DO give credit to my Aussie friend, Di, who came up with ingenious idea! So glad it worked for you too!