Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mrs. Phebe gets dressed!

(By way of expanation, I'm calling the people on the quilt Mr. & Mrs. Phebe.)

Looks like Mrs. Phebe has finally settled on something to wear. For a while there, I was imagining her saying, "I have nothing to wear!" This was the third outfit I made for her, both of the others were brown which seemed way too dull. Originally, I thought a red outfit would be too much red in one area. I hope I've made the right choice because I don't want to rip out!

Mrs. Phebe still needs quite a bit of applique work but if you click on the photo, take a look at her hair. I decided to make Mr. & Mrs. Phebe mature adults. Phebe has streaks in her hair and Mr. Phebe, who is still only a paper template, will possibly have what we call salt and pepper colored hair.

Also, I took away Mrs. Phebe's poofy sleeves and originally wanted her to look "fluffy" but decided to be kind. Now Mr. Phebe, on the other hand, is looking like he might enjoy good food a little too much!  

This afternoon, I decided to make one of the 80 - 4 1/2" finished Ohio Stars which will also be part of the quilt. I was inspired by Heather of Happy Appliquer blog who has begun working on Ohio Stars for her Phebe quilt! I can tell I'll need to work on the accuracy of my blocks. Its been a little while since I've pieced blocks this small. What surprised me is how long it takes to cut out all the pieces and refold the fabric!

If all goes well, I hope to be finished with the center block of the quilt by next weekend!

Till then, Mayleen


  1. Love Mrs Phebe's oufit, especially the fabric in the top, she matches the vase perfectly. Speaking of perfect - that's how your little star block looks to me - perfect!

  2. The applique centre looks just fabulous, each time I see it, there is more detail that I notice!!!! My goodness!!! 80 x 4 1/4" blocks, that's quite a big ask!!!! I've no doubt you'll do it, I just hope you keep your sanity LOL!!! They are such little blocks with lots of tiny pieces!!!!!!
    Good for you anyways Mayleen!!! Can't wait to see it completed.......

  3. Oh my, but aren't you a glutton for punishment! So much work on this, and just for the quilt center! It's amazing, and looks wonderful, but I'm really glad YOU'RE doing this and not me.