Friday, August 12, 2011

Pedal to the Metal, oh yeah!

Pedal to the metal .... ummm, pedal to the carpet? That just doesn't sound very exciting and hey, it doesn't rhyme either! I guess you all know I don't have a metal floor in the sewing room. Please ignore all fuzzies, threads and ??? on the floor. And yes, I do store my little box of batik fabrics underneath on my sewing desk shelf. What else would I store there?!?

After a week of no time to sew, I'm determined to not be interrupted and to not find something else which needs doing! Plenty of that around here, unfortunately. I'm determined to get the last of the signature blocks pieced and maybe even cut the setting triangles this afternoon.

M&Ms have this effect on me. With all the unfinished projects around here, I need to buy a case or two of M&Ms to keep me on track!


  1. Hi Sweetie...
    A beautiful share this afternoon. I love seeing the pedal to the medal indeed. How beautiful are the colors. Keep on sewing sweetie.

    This weekend is the Miracle Makeover weekend for Design Gives Back. A $1.00 will be donated for every comment that is left on my blog from August 12-18th towards the next child with cancer or miracle makeover for one in need of uplifting. This is sponsored by Design Gives Back and Guideposts magazine. Please stop by and leave a comment, and invite all your blogging friends as well. The story about Charlie is so touching. It will warm your heart.

    Have a glorious weekend. Many country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  2. good luck on the sig blocks.
    M&Ms, huh? maybe I should try that with my 3 important UFOs

  3. It's like that sometimes when you haven't been able to sew for a while! when you get the chance you just have to 'go' for it!!!!

  4. Yes, I find that things get in the way of planned sewing time-just have to go to the machine before I get sidetracked!