Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The line up

First came this mini wedding ring quilt on its own quilt rack. It was a gift from a ladies group to me for speaking about what I'd learned from making quilts. I probably should have made that a really short presentation because the more I quilt, the more I realize I need to learn a lot more!

This summer, Karen Griska surprised me by sending this cute little cupboard of "quilts" just because I let her borrow a quilting book. It joined the quilt rack on our fireplace mantel.

Last night at the Prairie Quilt Guild's last board meeting for the year, our President Jan gave each of us a one of a kind pincushion. Later as I walked into the house with mine, three people turned, looked and after a pause asked, "What is that!?!" Of course, they are kind of used to me liking things with a bit of personality but this one stumped the guys and my nonsewing daughter.
Personally, I think it looks really good with the wool wallhanging in the background!


  1. What a wonderful display!!! Love all of it!!!!! That ultra mini quilt is amazing!!!!

  2. What absolutely adorable little treasures! Each of them is as cute as can be. I can't imagine making such a teeny little quilt. Wow. The cupboard is just special, and that pin cushion is amazing. Did President Jan make it herself? It's quite wonderful!