Thursday, August 4, 2011

A birthday quilt

Hmmm, I obviously took a blog holiday.

Its been really difficult to get motivated in the heat and drought in Kansas. The other day it was 112 degrees here and everything is drying up (except the weeds). I water my flowers, shrubs, trees and our yard almost daily just to keep them alive. Last night we finally got rain - a little over a half inch - but the straight line winds that hit Wichita missed us. I'm very grateful for that!

OK, what have I been doing? My big quilting project has been and still is the signature quilt I'm making for my daughter's 30th. birthday. She's convinced I won't get it done for another ten years but I have all but one of the blocks embroidered and am now piecing the blocks. My dd chose a scrappy look made with Jo Morton fabrics. The on point blocks will have sashing between them so obviously not even sewn together but here's a sneak preview:

I was surprised how much I'd missed embroidering so there may be another crazy quilt or embroidery project in my future. In fact, I'm pretty sure there will be a traditional crazy quilt start up soon. I have no idea why they attract me but they do.

I'm also still working on my clamshell diamonds and the selvage quilt. One of these days (soon?) there's got to be a finish to show you!


Merilyn said...

What a lovely gift for your daughter!! I think the scrappy look is so versatile, she'll love it, with Jo's fabrics you can't go wrong!!!

FlourishingPalms said...

I can appreciate the heat you've been enduring. It's been similar here. We had a slight reprieve yesterday and today with the high "only" 88F, so we turned off our a/c for a while. Still, it's warm. I'm sure things will heat up again quickly. After all, next week the Iowa State Fair begins and that's always a scorcher! Glad to hear you're enjoying embroidery again. Your daughter's quilt will be special, and loved, I'm sure of it.

Barb said...

I love signature quits - your daughter will treasure it -
August is all about slowing down, or stopping, right? especially when it's this bloomin hot!