Saturday, August 27, 2011

30th. Birthday Signature Quilt

Here it is - my daughter's 30th. birthday signature quilt top!

The quilt blocks were signed by women in our church who also added a favorite Bible verse reference. I embroidered their names and the reference saying a prayer for each one as I worked on their block. At first, I thought the quilt might be a throw or lap size but it grew to be a full size quilt!

Micaela chose the mostly Jo Morton fabrics with a few other reproduction fabrics thrown in. She likes scrappy quilts so I tried to mix up the fabrics as much as possible.

This morning, I delivered the quilt top and backing to the machine quilter. I think it turned out well and am looking forward to seeing it quilted and bound. The machine quilter's waiting list stretches all the way to the end of October so it will be a little wait!

For some reason, our cat, Charlie, took an even more "like" to this quilt and especially to the border strips as I was laying them out. He didn't really care for the Picket Fence quilt I made last year, the RRCB quilt was good enough to sit on but this one, he made himself right at home on!


  1. The Quilt looks AMAZING!!! What a great idea for a gift. I really hope that your Daughter likes it.

  2. Micaela's quilt is beautiful. Certainly a labor of love on your part. I bet you're wondering what to do with yourself after this big finish - well, almost finished. Good for you!

  3. And doesn't it look good. Congratulations. that will treasured for many generations.

  4. A really beautiful Signature quilt!!!! Well done, I'm sure your daughter will treasure it!!! Charlie is a cutie!!!!

  5. It's beautiful, can hardly wait to see if finished and bound, but then I'm a sucker for Jo Morton fabric.

  6. What a very special gift. I'm sure your daughter will treasure it and feel your big hug when she snuggles under it.