Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tomatoes and my Crazy

I picked the first tomatoes from my garden a few days ago. I've decided that this is not really the tomato plant I thought I was buying because its only 6 inches tall! It is bearing tomatoes but as you can see in the photo, they aren't very big.

That's a quarter laying next to the tomatoes just to give you an idea of their size. I'm not complaining though because my other three tomato plants are only just starting to bloom and set on baby tomatoes!

I wish I were a better gardener and that weeds didn't exist. I've been pulling grass and bindweed out of my new flower bed every morning this week and there's still enough growing to keep me busy for a long time.

What do you think this is? I'm not sure either but its what I'm embroidering on the back of my crazy quilt. I hate to say it but parts of it remind me of bindweed!

I started the design several months ago and then set it aside when life got busy but now I've got to finish it because the Prairie Quilt Guild's quilt show is just around the corner. There'll be 900 quilted items in the show and two of those items will be mine.

I'm entering my Little Red Zinger and my Crazy Quilt and have to drop them off on Monday. I still have to finish the embroidery and sew a label on the Crazy Quilt. The Little Red Zinger needs a label and a sleeve.

Here's a sneak peak at part of my Crazy Quilt. The next time I post, I will tell you about what was happening in my life while making it. Probably the hardest thing I've gone through so far.


ria vogelzang said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Mayleen.
The quilt you mentioned is made after a Ney York Beauty. At the description the maker explained she wanted to show the world turning around the sun in the dark universe.
You are also making beautiful quilts! The Crazy quilt is gorgeous!! Thanks for your link to the Little Red Zinger; she's a real beauty!!
Have a great time at the quiltshow!

twodraftmom said...

once you get your garden weeded, mulch with cut grass clippings, make it thick! . works great for me. Claire

FlourishingPalms said...

I understand the anxiety of a quilt show deadline. Hope everything finishes smoothly with time to spare. You have a couple winning opportunities with your two quilts. All the best!

Marie said...

Mayleen - I love the decorative stitches on the black. I want to do a whole wall hanging this way. Any suggestions?

The crazy quilt is beautiful - so very you!

Hugs - Marie