Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life's Bouquet

Remember the embroidery on the back of my crazy quilt that reminded me of weeds? I decided I wanted to add something a little more to the quilt backing, something that summarized my feelings beginning with last year.

I'm sorry I didn't get a closer shot of this but look at the base of the "weed shrub" to see some of the emotions I felt last year. It started with Fear. Fear of the unknown and what could happen. It was really hard seeing our son go through his health crisis and easy to let fear take hold. There were many sleepless nights and tears.

Next comes Faith - my own and other's. My faith grew because life became stripped down to the important things. I am so thankful for the many prayers that were offered for us by people we didn't even know.

There was Hope for the future even though it wasn't the kind of future any of us had planned. After months of health backsets, there was hope that things would improve and that life could be full.

And finally, Love. Our family grew closer together. There were many acts of love shown to us but the surprising thing was by whom. We learned who would stand by us and who would fall away. I especially learned that sometimes its best to show your love by being still and just being there when someone needs you. I continually need to remind myself of this.

It was a year of following a different path than what I'd expected but a path of maturing and learning. I don't want to forget even though its so easy to do just that. I've already embroidered in the year 2010 and hope to add something for every year until I fill up Life's Bouquet!


Totally different subject - Look what came in the mail for me from Barbara! More selvages for my next selvage quilt project which I hope to start in July. Thank you very much!


  1. I loved this post Mayleen, it really puts life into perspective. I totally understand what you are saying as our family suffered a major trauma with life changing effects 12 years ago. I hope your son is well now.

  2. Oh Mayleen - what a beautiful boquet you have made from the weeds.

    Hugs - Marie